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Art in San Diego, California

I went to San Diego to attend a conference. San Diego is a city in California. I stole a few evenings and one afternoon to look at places around the conference venue.

I loved ‘The Journey’ exhibit at San Diego Airport. It was created by San Francisco based artist, Jim Campbell.  “White, the airport’s art program manager, calls it a light ribbon suspended from the ceiling. It’s composed of 37,000 LED light pendants hanging row after row for 1,000 feet.” 

The exhibit runs through a few gates. People swim across the ribbon, birds fly and the birds also interact with people. I could catch only people swimming through the ribbon. The display uses as much energy as one and a half toasters so it is energy efficient.

The conference was organized at San Diego Convention Center. The convention center offers 615,700 sq ft. of exhibit space and has a capacity for 125,000 people. The center was designed by Canadian architect Arthur Erickson. I loved the architecture and the view from the escalator (yes, escalator!).


I was surprised by the ‘Unconditional Surrender’ statue next to USS Midway Museum. The statue is a sculpture resembling a photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt on Victory over Japan Day on August 14, 1945.

The photographer saw a sailor running along the street in Times Square and grabbing every girl in sight and kissing her. He happened to kiss a nurse and the photographer took the right shot at the right time and it became a famous pic symbolizing the victory. The original statue was installed in Sarasota, Florida and then moved to San Diego, California.


The Spanish Village Art Center at the Balboa Park had exhibits by various artists. One of the exhibits that awed me was the garden kaleidoscope by Frank Casciani. The kaleidoscope is placed over a flower bowl. As you rotate the bowl, you can see the flowers and the leaves merging and diverging in a beautiful and mesmerizing pattern. (Excuse the wobbliness of the video, rotating the flower bowl with one hand and holding the camera in another requires a bit of practice).


I also loved the sculptors guild at the Spanish Village Art Center. Looking around life size art pieces was both exciting and a bit frightening. I always imagine these unmovable pieces coming to life and moving towards me (To my relief that did not happen!).


A few more pics of locations in San Diego. Enjoy the pics!

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Quote for this post: Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time – Thomas Merton


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