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Two places I loved in San Diego

The moment I saw Balboa Park, I loved San Diego. The park is named after a Spanish explorer, Vasco Nunez De Balboa (not Rocky Balboa). Balboa park is a 1200 acre park in San Diego. The park houses museums, theatres and the world-famous San Diego Zoo.


The Laguna De Las Flores is one of most photographed sites in Balboa Park. Laguna De Las Flores can be translated as Lagoon of Flowers, also called as the Lily Pond. It was designed by Bertram Goodhue and built for the 1915 Panama California Exposition. The Lily Pond consists of a small pond and a big pond separated by a walkway. The pond is filled with lilies and lotuses. I saw a few ducks and fishes in the pond as well.

The Lily pond has over 100 years of history. It was used in World War I by US Navy to teach rowing and swimming to new sailors. In World War II, the US Naval Hospital deepened the pond by two feet and used it as a physical therapy pool for its sailors. In 1945-49, the pond was opened to children for swimming. Recently in August 2012, the Lily pond was vandalized by a midnight water fight and had to be restored.

The other place in San Diego that captured my attention was the Seaport village. I went there for lunch, because it was close to the conference venue. The seaport village has 45 shops, 17 dining places and a historic carousel called as the Looff Carousel.


The Looff Carousel, is named after its creator Charles D. Looff. He was one of the earliest American carousel carvers. The Looff Carousel was created in 1895 and it moved around the States for 110 years and finally found its home in San Diego.


I also learned that San Diego is a kite-friendly city. There was a kite-flying spot at the seaport village. I was also intrigued by the store Kite Flite, which had a great display of flying toys.


The touristy nature of the Seaport village gave me an excuse to buy an ice cream. I had a chocolate ice cream in a chocolate covered cone (chocolate overload!!!).


San Diego, without a doubt is getting added to the list of my favorite cities in the States.

Enjoy the pics

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Quote for this post: One touch of nature makes the whole world kin – William Shakespeare


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