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San Antonio Zoo

I went to the San Antonio Zoo and met a few animals for the first time. The first introductions include the Hippo, Flamingos, Kangaroo, Cheetah and the Zebra. San Antonio Zoo covers 3 5 acres and has over 3500 animals representing 750 species. Here are a few interesting facts about the animals I saw at the Zoo.



Parrots are non-vegetarian. Yes, they are omnivores and pretty much eat anything, fruits, seeds, nuts, insects and even meat.The native Kea species of New Zealand, were observed attacking and killing sheep in 1868 and were persecuted as sheep killers until 1986, when they were granted protected status.

Parrots could live longer than their owners. The current oldest parrot is 82 year old Cookie, a cockatoo that lives in Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. Read more fun facts about parrots here.



Hippos are the only mammals that produce pink milk. A single cup of hippo’s milk has 500 calories. If you see pink milk anywhere, now you know it is from a hippo. Read more here.

The hippos get the ‘Spa treatment’ from the fishes. They deliberately splash their legs to attract fish. The fish come and clean the skin, teeth and tongue of hippo. If you are shameless enough to see a hippo bathing, you are welcome to watch this video  (It ain’t pretty!).



Giraffes are the tallest animals in this world. The male giraffe fights with its neck over the female giraffe. This is called as ‘necking’. Sometimes one giraffe is hit to the ground during combat. I caught ‘necking’ in the below video at 26 sec. At that time I wondered if they were loving one another, now I know they were fighting.



I also saw the flamingos for the first time. Their fiery color was striking, in the green background.

The word flamingo comes from Spanish word, ‘flamenco’ and refers to the bright colored feathers. The pink reddish color of the flamingos come from carotenoids, in their diet of  plankton, brine shrimp and blue-green algae. Carotenoid is a pigment which also makes the carrot orange in color. Read more here.

I felt excited seeing all the animals. I also felt sad that these animals are not in their natural habitats.

Enjoy a few more pics of the Zoo.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Quote for this post: For most of the wild things on Earth, the future must depend on the conscience of mankind – Dr. Archie Carr


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