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Fiesta San Antonio 2017

I was in San Antonio during the fiesta time. San Antonio fiesta is a party with a purpose. More than 100 events take place all over the city and beyond. Many of the fiesta events are ticketed and generate revenue for the city. I could attend only two of these hundred events and I enjoyed both of them.

My hubby and I went to ‘Taste of New Orleans’ and the ‘Texas Cavaliers River Parade’. The ‘Taste of New Orleans’ event had a concert and booths that sold ‘New Orleans’ cuisine. We had fried shrimp, with fries and chicken on a stick. The booth from which we got fried shrimp also had alligator meat, but I had conflicting feelings with eating a carnivorous creature. So I did not eat the alligator meat. This event would have been more enjoyable if there was less crowd or more open-space.

The ‘Texas Cavaliers River Parade’ was worth the wait. We waited for the parade to pass through for almost 90 minutes. This quirky parade happens on the San Antonio River. Decorated and vibrant floats, with people and music, pass through the River. The floats are cheered and waved by the people on shore. The parade happens in the evening. The lit up floats moving on the transparent waters is a sight worth watching. If you are in San Antonio during the fiesta time this event is worth its price.

A few of my favorite floats are the Star Wars float, Agriculture float with the black cat and Mayor and City council float. Watch and enjoy!

Quote for this post: A little party never hurt anybody – Found on the internet



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