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SoWa market and ArtBeat

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls – Pablo Picasso

Today was a day dedicated to art. My mom and I went to SoWa market and ArtBeat in Davis Square. This is my second visit to the SoWa market. It is a good place for window shopping ‘art’ and for eating food from the food trucks. When we visited the first time, we went after lunch so we could not eat at the food trucks. This time, I planned to have lunch at SoWa, so we went there by 12 PM. Most of the food trucks had long lines. I had rice noodles with chicken from Bon Me. It tasted healthy and spicy.

The best art piece at SoWa market was a bear blowing bubbles. No not a real one, but a mechanical bear. It was fun to watch the bear blow bubbles. Young and old alike loved to chase the bubbles. They followed the bubbles either to catch them or to burst them. I was in the bursting category. An elderly lady popped the bubbles with her walking stick.

I also saw an artist paint on-site. She mentioned that her painting will be priced $7000 (wow!). I think it is worth the price and definitely not for my pocket.

I also saw performers playing music and a little girl enjoying the music.

ArtBeat at Davis Square was a spur of the moment decision. I bought a cloth purse and looked at all the wonderful pieces of art. There was a 3-d printed jewelry store and a few other unique pieces of jewelry. I also loved the jelly fish and tortoise art pieces with air plants in them.

I also enjoyed the music performance at ArtBeat. It was fun to watch people enjoy the music and dance. I danced as well for the last song. People no matter their age or size, look beautiful when they dance without inhibitions. The vivacious elderly lady and the children stole the stage with their performance.

The wonder of wonders was that I had sugar cane juice at ArtBeat. The last time I had sugar cane juice was in 2014 in Solapur, India so it was a memorable experience. On the whole, it was an entertaining day of window shopping and a little bit of buying.

Enjoy the pictures!

SoWa market pictures are from May and July.

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ArtBeat in Davis Square

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