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Troy Daze Carnival 2017

Treat life like a Ferris wheel ride, you must get past the fear to enjoy the view. – Internet

I moved from Boston to Troy, Michigan about two months ago. Troy is one of Detroit’s northern suburbs. After living in cramped apartments in Boston, I am enjoying my spacious apartment, open spaces, greenery, and a scatter of wild-life in Troy. The wild-life includes a skunk, beaver, ducks, geese, and squirrels. I also purchased binoculars to get a closer look at these creatures. I have seen them forage for food, bask in the sun, or fight with their fellow creatures (oh boy, the politics in the animal world!).

The Troy Daze Carnival was last weekend. I went to the Carnival with my husband and brother-in-law’s family. This Carnival was a smaller version of exhibitions we have in India. When I was a kid, going to an exhibition with other cousins, mom and aunts was an occasion to celebrate. We waited for that day and made plans about what to eat and what to do at the exhibition. There was good food, rides (Ferris wheel and what not) and the stalls that exhibited various indoor decorative items, jewelry, toys, and clothes. By the time we completed touring the exhibition grounds we were dog-tired and happy. We came out with cotton-candy and a new toy(s) in our hands.

The Tory Daze Carnival had food stalls, a face-painting stall, magician shows for kids, rides, games and live animals. There was also a balloon artist who dressed up as a clown and gave away free balloon toys to children. I spent most of the time at the live animals section. There were ponies for riding, sheep, goats, alpaca, parrots, ostrich and other birds for feeding. There was also an alligator and other smaller creatures such as weasels. That day was exceptionally hot and we went in the afternoon, so after spending an hour we returned home.

Make sure you enjoy these last few days of summer-like Fall and visit a few carnivals. 🙂

Enjoy the pics and videos.

The balloon artist dressed up as a clown.

The sheep, goat and alpaca pen. I saw an alpaca for the first time.

People and kids feeding goats. The goats were very eager to eat too!

Parrots and other birds.

Ponies for riding.

A baby alligator

An ostrich!

Food stalls!

Kentucky Derby game.

Place the ball in the hoop game.











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