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2018 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS)

I went to the NAIAS today along with my husband. One of the few perks of living in the motor city (Detroit) is going to the auto show and looking at all the latest models from most of the leading brands in the auto industry. Today is the first day that the auto show was open to the public so I felt as excited as going to the first day, first show of a long-awaited movie.

2018 is the year of the trucks at the Detroit Autoshow. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles  (FCA) unveiled the Ram 1500 at the auto show. The new  Ram 1500 is a 48v mild hybrid and is lighter by 102 kilos (wow!). I sat in Ram just for the heck of it and I am always surprised how huge this vehicle is. I also liked the spacious indoors and the large electronic display. The other trucks that debuted at the auto show were 2019 Ford Ranger and 2019 Chevy Silverado. The 2019 Jeep Cherokee was also unveiled and had much bigger head lights and other features.

I liked a few innovations from Toyota, Audi, and MIT. Toyota’s smart car, I-concept is more of a pal than a car.  The smart car continuously learns and anticipates your needs. The car’s biometric sensors can detect if you are feeling low. Your mood gets analyzed by the car’s artificial intelligence. The car’s autonomous driving features kicks in and drives you to your destination safely. This car was as cute as the robot from the movie Big Hero 6.

Audi’s A8 L e-tron has wireless charging – a technology that enables inductive charging, so that the customers can conveniently charge the vehicle at home. There are no cables involved and the parking assist helps the driver position the vehicle over the charging station. When the vehicle drives away or is completely charged, the charging stops automatically.

Image from google images.

I also liked the Persuasive Electric Vehicle (PEV) from MIT’s Media Lab. PEV is a ride-sharing, electric and autonomous vehicle. It is a 3-wheeled vehicle and is designed to autonomously travel and pick up passengers. The rider can operate the vehicle using electric motor or pedal to his/her destination. PEV reminded me more of the three-wheeled rickshaws in India, but more suited for the present times.

The auto show will be in Detroit until January 28, so do visit if you can and take some pics with the cool cars.

Enjoy the pics and videos.

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Quote for this post: The cars we drive say a lot about us – Alexandra Paul


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