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The Las Vegas Strip

I went to Las Vegas along with my husband, last Thanksgiving. It was a 3-day trip, and every day was packed with one activity or another. As soon as I landed in Vegas, I understood why it is called as the sin city. There were slot machines outside the gate and in several locations at the airport. While waiting for the flight, you must as well burn off some money or get lucky. The baggage area of the airport was also very colorful with huge displays of the shows in Las Vegas. It was our first dose of sensory overload, immediately after getting out of the plane.

Slot machines at the airport.

Colorful displays at the baggage claim area.

We stayed at MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas. The hotel was on Las Vegas Boulevard, which is well-known as the ‘Las Vegas Strip.’ In order to get to our rooms, we first had to pass through the casino area. Las Vegas felt like a completely different world for me, with the colorful and bright slot machines and people gazing at the machines, either smoking or drinking and the ever-present smell of cigarette smoke in the casinos and on the street.

Lobby of MGM Grand hotel.

I enjoyed walking on the ‘Las Vegas Strip’ at night and looking at the stores and the hotels, themed after famous places in the world. On Las Vegas Blvd, you can see a piece of Paris, New York city, Rome, Luxor and Venice. The water fountain show at Bellagio hotel was also worth watching.

Being a chocolate lover, I enjoyed visiting the Hershey’s and M&M store on the strip. The M&M store was buzzing with kids and adults of all ages and sizes. The elevator of the Coca-Cola store was shaped like a large coke bottle.

The Hersheys store.

The M and M store.

The Coca Cola store.

As all people do, we also went to a show in Vegas. The show was ‘Love’, a Beatles themed show by Cirque du Soleil. The acrobatics were captivating. I felt that too many things were happening at once and it was difficult to focus on one part of the stage. Fans of Beatles will enjoy this show more.

Unfortunately, we were not lucky in Vegas. We played blackjack on the slot machines and lost about 100 bucks. We took the hotel shuttle to go to the airport. There were about 15 people in the shuttle. The driver asked if anybody gambled and won some money. Only one teenager replied that she made 150 bucks. Well, good for her. I also felt comforted that we are not the only one who lost. Gambling and becoming rich overnight is a rarity because the odds are always in favor of the casinos.

Enjoy the pics and the videos.

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Quote for this post: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas  🙂

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