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Sights along the road trip to Grand Canyon

The second day of our Las Vegas trip, we went to Grand Canyon by road. It was a long drive and we made a pit stop at Hoover dam and Seligman town, which inspired the movie, ‘Cars’. I also enjoyed the beautiful landscapes along the drive.

Hoover dam is constructed over the Colorado River. An entire city, called Boulder City sprang up for the workers so that they could live and work. The dam’s energy powers California, Arizona, and Nevada and creates enough power for 1.3 million people. The construction of Hoover Dam began in 1931 and ended in 1936, that too two years ahead of schedule. Kudos to the hardworking 21,000 workers, who completed it ahead of time.

Then we drove through the historic town of Seligman, the birthplace of Route 66. For over 50 years, Route 66 was the main freeway through Northern Arizona and provided good business for the town of Seligman. On September 22, 1978, the newly constructed Interstate 40 by-passed Seligman and replaced the section of Route 66 that brought the traffic of thousands of cars. The town’s livelihood was lost in a day and the townspeople moved to other places. One of the residents of Seligman, Angel Delgadillo, a barber, refused to watch his town die. He started a campaign to make Route 66 a historic highway and succeeded. Now people pass through the historic town of Seligman, to glimpse a piece of American history.

On the drive, the arid landscape, with weird shapes of rocks, was interesting. A few desert plants were so stubborn that they sprouted in between the cracks on the road. I also found a bird or a deer-shaped cloud that stayed with us for almost 20 minutes. On the way, we also found a campground themed after the Flintstones.

Enjoy the pics and the videos.

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