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Soul Spoken

Soul Spoken by Chaitali Nath is a book of poems, musings, and stories. The poems are about friendship, love, women empowerment, protecting nature and writing, to quote a few themes.

This is my first time reading a book of poems and I enjoyed reading them. I got a beautiful insight about life in general, from these poems. Rather than completing the book in one sitting, this book has to be savored. Each poem has to reflected upon and imbibed. The book would have been more structured if the quotes, musings, open letters, and stories were not in the same book.

The author is a modern young poet and she has chosen fitting themes for her poems. People of a wide age range, from early teenagers to late adults can enjoy this book.

To quote a stanza from the poem, I found love:

“Love is not always a boy and a girl holding hands

Love is also when mom feeds you with her own hands

Love is also when you get those colorful friendship bands

Love is also when, for Grandpa’s sake, you watch black and white movies related to imaginary lands”

About women:

“Which God asked you to oppress women?

Or to treat them as vermin?

As far as I know, Gods respected them

Because, of human life, they were the stem”

Rating: 4/5

Publication date: June 27, 2018

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