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Top 5 kids’ books I read in May

The below descriptions are book blurbs from the books.

Julian is a Mermaid

Every Saturday morning, Julian and his brother go swimming. But the day Julian spies three women on the subway, everything changes. He is entranced by their beautiful hair, their swishy, shimmering mermaid gowns, and their total confidence. When Julian gets home, all he can think of is becoming a mermaid himself.

But what will Abuela think?

Utterly mesmerizing and full of heart, Jessica Love’s author-illustrator debut is a radiant celebration of individuality and triumphant win for unconditional love.

Published: 2018 by Candlewick Press

Magic Ramen The Story of Momofuku Ando

Amid the rubble of Japan after World War II, Momofuku Ando encountered people lined up in the bitter cold waiting for the smallest bit of food. The world is peaceful only when everyone has enough to eat, he thought. Haunted by this memory, Ando worked in a little shed in his backyard, experimenting and trying to create a new kind of noodle soup that was quick to make nutritious and tasty in order to feed the hungry.

Ando worked day and night but still came up short time and again. He kept tinkering with different formulas. Through persistence, creativity, and inspiration, he finally succeeded!

Slurp up the true story behind one of the worlds most popular foods!

Published: 2019 by Little Bee Books

When Granda Give you a Lemon Tree

You asked for a new gadget for your birthday, but what do you do when grandma gives you a lemon tree instead? Definitely, don’t make a face.

Try caring for the tree, and if you wait patiently through the seasons, you might be surprised at what blooms.

The perfect book for Mother’s Day or grandparent’s day this clever story subtly extols the virtues of hard work, celebrating community, and putting down electronic devices for a while.

Published: 2019 by Sterling Children’s Books

The Dragon Slayer

How would a kitchen-maid fare against a seven-headed dragon? What happens when a woman marries a mouse? And what can a young man learn from 1000 leaf cutter ants? Famed Love and Rockets creator Jamie Hernandez asks these questions and more as he transforms beloved myths into bold, stunning, and utterly contemporary comics.

Guided by the classic works of F. Isabel Campoy and Alma Flor Ada, Hernandez’s first book for young readers brings the sights and such stories of Latin America to a new generation of graphic novel fans around the world.

Published: 2017 by Toon Books

Music for Mister Moon

All Harriet Henry wants to do is play her cello in the privacy of her room. Nothing makes her more nervous than the thought of playing for a crowd. So when a noisy owl interrupts her solitude, Harriet becomes upset. She throws her teacup the window and inadvertently knocks the moon out of the sky.

Curiously enough, Harriet and the moon become fast friends and spend a memorable evening together doing things the moon has only dreamed about.

But can Harriet work up the courage to play her music for Mr. Moon?

Published: 2019 by Neal Porter Books

Holiday House/New York

Download the complete list below. Follow my Instagram profile @soumswriter for stories about these books.


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