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Primrose’s Curse

Primrose Fernetise, is a beautiful and audacious twelve-year-old girl. Her family is going through tough times. Her mother died and her father fell sick. Primrose goes to the woods in search of a divine flower that could cure her father. In the woods, she meets a group of woodland animals with mystical abilities. They tell to Primrose that the evil sorceress Queen Evelyn Velecrona wants to destroy humanity and it was up to Primrose to save humanity. Primrose and the woodland animals go on a quest to vanquish the evil sorceress. Will they be successful?

Reading this story made me feel nostalgic. It is a fairy tale with a solid plot, with twists, turns,and events. I also liked the pictures in the book, which added depth to the reading experience. I felt that the names of a few of the characters were tongue-twisters. They could have simpler names. Also, it was repeated many times that Primrose’s mission was to save humanity, which was not necessary. The book would also benefit from using a simpler language. It was a fairy tale that read like an adult novel in a few parts.

On the whole, I recommend this book. It is a fun read with catchy pictures.

Rating: 4/5

Published: March 4, 2019 by Vikipublishing

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