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Christmas Season

What does Christmas remind you of?

Even though I don’t celebrate Christmas, I am crazy about it. As I grew up, the craziness has only increased.

I studied in a Catholic school in India, where a nativity play was staged every year. We had a Christmas tree decorated with trinkets and greeting cards. I used to steal the greeting cards after the show and used them as props to make new year cards. In my teens, I looked forward to the cake my friend’s mom made every Christmas. I also had Christmas holidays. I spent the time, reading, painting and watching Disney Christmas cartoons.

After I came to US, I imbibed all the holiday cheer and goodwill. Beautifully decorated stores that make your eyes pop in the gloomy winter, the well-decorated squares and twinkling Christmas trees are all part of the ‘Christmas’, package. A few Christmases, I celebrated with my Aunt and Uncle and received generous gifts.

Fast-forward 10 years into the future, I am a new mom and work for an automotive company. We have shutdown from Christmas to New Year. This year I have 13-day holiday including the weekends. So what’s not to love about Christmas.

T’is is the season to be jolly 😉

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