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Love & Other Emotions

When was the last time you did an ’emotion’ check?⁠

At least once a day, we do a weather check, to see if it snowing or raining or if the temperature has dipped a few degrees below the normal so that we can bundle up in extra layers. How often do you do an ’emotion’ check? Most of the days I am so busy that I forget to do an emotion check. Maybe if I did an ’emotion’ check, I would see that every day I experience at least 5 emotions. I am happy, disappointed, worried, calm or satisfied. ⁠

The theme of this month will be Love & Other Emotions. This is no surprise because February 14 is Valentine’s day. Also, as human beings, we are capable of lot more emotions than just love. ⁠

This month, I will be sharing books that highlight love, the traditional love between two human beings and also family love. I hope that the posts about love will make you feel warm and toasty inside. The emotions that I will be focusing on are happiness, friendship, and worry. The posts will give some tips about how to be happy and also combat worry. ⁠

Looking forward to a wonderful bookish February filled with love and peace. ⁠

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I am avid reader. I am interested in reading adult fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, young adult and children's fiction.

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