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Happy Maha Shivaratri

Maha Shivaratri is a Hindu festival. This festival is dedicated to worshipping, the Hindu God, Shiva who is one of the most important deities of the Hindu religion. ⁠

One unique thing about this festival is that it is celebrated in the night time. Unlike all the other Indian festivals, where people enjoy good food, this festival tests the resolve and demands discipline. People wake up all night, offering prayers to Lord Shiva. Some people also fast on this day, without consuming even a drop of water. It is said that people who follow the fast diligently are awarded with good luck and their sins are absolved. ⁠

As a child what was exciting to me about Maha Shivaratri was being awake in the night. This was the night my parents permitted me to be awake until midnight or longer. The night has to be spent praying but I watched religious movies on TV. I only fasted once for Maha Shivaratri and I realized that fasting is not really my forte. ⁠

No matter how you celebrate this festival, wishing you a great Maha Shivaratri, loads of luck and happiness. Happy Shivaratri!

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