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What should you do to become a writer/author?

What is the number one thing you have to do to become a writer and a published author?⁠

I have read and heard this advice time and time again but I often neglected it. Last month, I took a class on how to write a book in 30 days. More than 90% of the time of the instructor was spent on motivating us. He showed us examples of people who published and after that we had to yell out, ‘If he or she can do it, I can do it.’⁠

I felt so stupid that I took this class. I took the class to get an idea of the publishing world but it ended up as a huge self-motivation exercise and lost time. In the end, the instructor gave the same advice that has fallen deaf on my ears. The only way to become an author/writer is to write. His recommendation was to write for 1 hour every day so you can write a book in 30 days. ⁠

In the end, I realized that it requires both discipline and motivation to become a writer/author. Everybody has a day job and family responsibilities. Very few are lucky enough that they have their livelihood provided and they can just sit and write. Every famous author must have started small, managed multiple jobs and spent sleepless nights finishing up those manuscripts which were rejected.

In order to become a writer, we need the discipline to fight off sleep, sit and write when the whole world is sleeping and be motivated enough to do this every single day. Therefore, I write at least 15 minutes every day and I hope you do too. ⁠

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