Month: June 2020

For the Love of Books

For the Love of Books by Graham Tarrant is a book that will appeal to non-fiction book lovers.⠀ ⠀ This book is a biography of books and writers. The first chapter starts with how first books were made, the invention of the printing press, and the world’s first library. A few chapters that caught my interest were feuds between famous writers such as Lord Byron vs. John Keats and the addiction of writers. I learned that Stephen King was a drug addict and alcoholic in the 1980s. King does not have a recollection of working on a few books that became bestsellers. Other topics of interest were about the working style of different writers, how authors met their end if writers shaped their characters after a real-life person, and many more.⠀ ⠀ The book is also peppered with facts and book recommendations for various categories. The book was written in an academic thesis style which made me skim quickly through the book. The book will be an interesting read for non-fiction book lovers.

The Dog Who Lost His Bark

I have a few ARC’s from Netgalley that are pending review. ARC’s are Advanced Reviewer Copies that are provided to readers a few months before the books are released. The reviewers should send a feedback and also promote the books on their Instagram page or blog posts. I have about 10 ARCs and I decided better late than never. First up is a middlegrade book, ‘The Dog who Lost his Bark.’ It is a sweet and sad story about a boy and a dog. The Dog is the main character in this novel. When the Dog was a pup, he was mistreated and thrown in a dump. The Dog has trust issues with humans and loses his bark and only whines. A dog that loses his bark is not a happy dog. The Dog has a new owner, a young boy named Patrick. Patrick is visiting his grandfather and his mother finally approves his request to get a dog. The Dog becomes Patrick’s pet. The rest of the story is about how Patrick teaches Dog …