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Different Like Me

Happy publication month to Different like me written by Xochitl Dixon (@xochitl.e.dixon) and illustrated by Bonnie Lui (@superbonart).

We are all unique in our differences. We are dark and fair and all colors in between. We follow different religions of faith and speak different languages. We belong to different countries. Some speak with their hands, see with sticks and can move only in a wheelchair. Despite our differences we share the same feelings of hope, despair and yearn to be cared and loved by others.

In this book, a group of diverse children are walking with a balloon to a surprise destination. As they make their journey, they make new friends and explore the differences, similarities and learn how to overcome a hurdle together.

This picturebook touches on the most important concept that even though children look different but we are all human and have to look after one another. I loved the colorful illustrations and the fish balloon is a ‘cool’ character with interesting emotions.

Thanks to @netgalley and @ourdailybread for the ARC.

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