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The Tears of Monterini

Happy Publication Month to The Tears of Monterini by Amanda Weinberg (@amandaweinbergauthor).

The Tears of Monterini is a historical women’s fiction set in the fictional town of Monterini, Italy. The novel is set in in time period of 1921-1946, when Mussolini rose and fell from power in Italy.

The novel is about two families of different faiths, a Jew and a Catholic, but with friendship lasting for six generations.

Yacobo is Jewish and has a book store and Angelo is a contadino, who is a winemaker.

Yacobo’s daughter, Bella falls in love with Angelo’s son, Rico. Their love is forbidden in the eyes of the society and due to condemnation of Jews, as Hilter rose to power. The peaceful town of Monterini is torn apart, as the villagers decide what to do with the Jews in the village. No Jew was safe in that tumultuous time and the small town of Monterini was not an exception.

I loved the descriptions about the town of Monterini and the various residents of the town. The reader follows the life of Bella and Jacob from their birth to adulthood. Reading this novel was a cultural experience in the day-to-day life in Monterini and how it changed with time and political strife. I was surprised that this novel was from a first-time author because the writing was perfect.

The Tears is Monterini is a story of Love, Friendship and Betrayal. It is a great read for historical fiction lovers interested in ‘world’ literature.

Thank you to @netgalley and @reddoorbooks for the ARC.

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