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Happy Book Publication Year to Quintessence by Jess Redman (@jess__red)

Alma’s family moves to Four Points and Alma has trouble acclimating to the new middleschool and making friends. There is a mysterious shop in the city and the owner gives Alma a quintescope. When Alma looks through the quintescope that night, she sees a star falling and a starling, a glowing girl in need of help. Alma wants to help the starling but she escapes and hides in the woods. Alma joins astronomy club and meets Shirin, Hugo and Dustin. Alma and her friends are Elementals and they each have to gather an element of nature to send the starling back to her home.

I loved the diverse nature of Alma’s friends. Alma is shy, Shirin is outgoing and loud, Hugo is a geek and Dustin is a bully. I liked the concepts of quintessence, the light inside us, and the importance of elements of nature. The author also touches upon mental health issues.

This book is a great read for geeky middle schoolers interested in astronomy and don’t mind getting into a bit of alchemy.

Thank you to @netgalley and @mackidsbooks for the ARC.

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