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May saves the Day

Happy Book Publication Month to May saves the Day, written by Laura Gehl and illustrated by Serena Lombardo.

May is the founder of Wordsaver Inc. Her phone doesn’t stop ringing. May uses the power of words to turn harmful situations into harmless situations. When she receives a call that bees are attacking a group of children. She inserts ‘T’ into bees so it becomes beets and all children have a beet, except Stu. Stu is in a wheel chair and he asks to be May’s sidekick. Initially May does not agree but later accepts his help when she faces tricky situations.

This picturebook is great for increasing children’s interest in words and to teach them how words take on a completely new meaning by insertion and deletion of a few letters. I loved the wordplay of May and Stu. This can also be an activity book where kids can brainstorm how to change a dangerous word into a non-threatening one and compare with what May did. I also like that this book teaches about entrepreneurship and partnership.

Thank you to @netgalley and @capstonepub for the ARC.

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