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A Pinch of Magic

Happy Book Publication Month to A Pinch of Magic by Michelle Harrison.

Three Widdershins sisters live in a dreary place called Crowstone under the care of their grandmother. The middle sister wants to escape Crowstone and see the outside world. She secretly plans an outing with her younger sister. Her grandmother appears out of nowhere, takes them home and reveals a family secret.

The Widdershins are cursed to remain in Crowstone forever. Nine women from Winddershins family met their death when they crossed the border. Their grandmother also gives them three magical items passed down from one generation of Widdershins women to the next.

The magical items are a traveling bag that can take you anywhere, the Russian dolls that can make a person vanish and a mirror which can show anyone in the world.

The middle sister is determined to break the curse. With the help of her other sisters she embarks on a dangerous journey which involves helping a criminal escape from the Crowstone jail. Will the sister be able to break the curse?

I liked the fairytale kind of setting for the novel and the spunky sisters. I also liked the animal loving nature of the younger sister, Charlie. I felt that the first-half or the novel was a bit slow and nothing much happened but I could not put down the book during second half. This book is a great read anyway if you want to escape to Crowstone and embark on a magical adventure.

Thanks to @netgalley and @hmhkids for the ARC.

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