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Once upon an hour

Coming up on 13th October is Once Upon an Hour by Ann Yu-Kyung Choi and illustrated by Soyeon Kim.

Yu-Rhee, a young Korean girl wants to know how to tell time using a clock. Her mother tells the story of Korean practice of time keeping, where 12 animals of the zodiac are assigned to 2 hour sections of the 24-hour clock.

A girl climbs a mountain in search of a plant to heal her ailing mother. The mountains takes pity on the girl and asks the animals on the mountain to help the little girl. The animals are all busy and refuse to help the girl first. After that they take pity on her and help in her mission.

I loved reading about the 12 animals, rabbits, mouse, rats and others. I also liked the unique and colorful illustrations. At the end of the story, Yu-Rhee goes to sleep in the hour of the dog. This a good book to teach kids the concept of time and hours.

Thank you to @netgalley and @orcabook for the ARC.

Category: children’s picturebook

Age: 4-7

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