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No Ordinary Boy

Coming up on 1st October is No Ordinary Boy by Tracey Mayhew. This book is the first book of The Legends of King Arthur series.

No Ordinary Boy is about eight-year old Merlin. Merlin’s father is a demon and his mother is human. Merlin has magical powers. He can brew potions to cure the ailments of the people in his village. He can also glimpse into the future. The village folk fear Merlin.

One day, the King Vortigern’s Knights come for Merlin. Along with them is a hooded figure. They capture Merlin and take him to the King. The King wants to build a magnificent tower but his plans are ruined whenever the workers make progress. Will the Merlin be able to help the King?

There are illustrations on every page which also make this book an interesting read. I loved the Merlin series so I am a natural admirer of this book. I also preordered a copy of this book from Amazon. I am waiting for Book 2 in this series.

Thank you to @netgalley and @sweetcherrypublishing for the ARC.

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Age range: 7+

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