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Hair story

I believe that every woman has a story about her hair.

My hair story started when I knew I had hair. As a kid, I protested my hair being cut. The barber used to come to our home and I used to hit the bed and pretend to sleep. In the background, I could hear him saying he will leave because I was sleeping and my mom saying she is just pretending, I will get her. My mom usually won.

When I was close to 10 years, I made my own make-believe hair by strapping towels to my head and sashaying the hair. Finally I won, and I got to grow my hair. Until late teens, I had hair that came to my waist. Every Sunday my mom used to apply oil to my hair and it was tug-of-war, given my hair was curly. I used to scream, ‘Don’t pull my hair’, and my mom used to show how it really felt to pull my hair.

Sometime between Intermediate and early bachelor years, I started cutting my hair. Probably I got too busy with studies or missed my mom’s hair pulling … oiling sessions. Since then I have kept short hair.

During Covid-19, my hair grew again due to lockdown. I finally lost patience and asked my husband to cut my hair and keep it shoulder-length. He obliged because he was afraid I would sabotage my hair if I did a haircut myself. After he cut the hair, he said we can cut it shorter if you want. I looked into the mirror and I was surprised it was short. But, I loved it. I feel like a new person.

What is your hair story?

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