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The Mutant Mushroom Takeover

It is that time of the year again. As a Halloween tradition, I pick up a few spooky books in September and October.

The Mutant Mushroom Takeover by Summer Rachel Short(@summerrachelwrites) is a perfect and chilling read for this Halloween.

Maggie is an aspiring young naturalist who lives in Shady Pines with her grandmother and elder brother, Ezra. Maggie’s best friend is Nate, who is a wannabe YouTube Star and alien conspiracy theorist. Maggie’s dream is to win Vitaccino Junior Naturalist Award. Nate has an idea that can make Maggie the winner.

Nate and Maggie go to scary old man Bell’s land and discover bioluminescent fungus. Due to an unfortunate incident, Maggie’s brother, who also joined them inhales spores. Now, his brother is having a cough. Maggie also finds animals sprouting unusual growths and displaying herd behavior. Are all these related? As things gets worse in Shady Pines, it is up to Maggie to make their town safe.

I loved the dynamic between Maggie and Nate, scientific Maggie and weird and unrealistic Nate. The town name of Shady Pines is an apt word for all the happenings in the town. The book also goes in depth about mushrooms, spiders and other critters. We see the world through the meticulous eyes of Maggie. This book takes weird facts in Science and molds it into an interesting and mysterious novel.

Thanks to @netgalley and @simonkids for the ARC. I also purchased a kindle version of this book.

Book category: middle grade

Age range: 9-12

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