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The Day Saida Arrived

Did you have a friend who did not speak your language? I was not lucky enough to have a friend like that.

The Day Saida Arrived is a beautiful book about friendship, acceptance and immigration. The book is written by Susana Gomez Redondo and illustrated by Sonja Winner. The book tells the tale of friendship between a girl who speaks only English and a Moroccan girl who can speak only Arabic. The girl teaches Saida English and in return she learns Arabic.

It is also a story about how friendship has the power to heal and bring joy. Saida has a tough time living in a new country which has different language and customs but her friend helps her accept the new place.

I loved the below quote from the book:

And we knew that in all languages, there are words as warm as breath and others as cold as metal.

Words that bring together, and words that separate.

Words that cause hurt; words that awaken laughter.

Words that tickle when they are spoken, and others that, when we hear them, feel like a hug.

The Day Saida Arrived is a good book to teach young kids about the power of words and also learn a few Arabic words and alphabets.

Thank you to @netgalley and @bluedotkidspress for the ARC.

Category: children’s picture-book

Age: 3-7

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