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The Most Beautiful Thing

What do you like best about your grandmother(s)? I love my maternal grandmother’s wrinkled skin and her gap-toothed smile. I love my paternal grandmother’s, dark, long hair, her hugs and kisses.

The Most Beautiful Thing by Kao Kalia Yang and illustrated by Khoa Lee is a lovely tale of relationship between a grandmother and her grand daughter.

Young Kalia has two siblings and her family is poor. Her grandmother lives with their family. Kalia takes care of trimming nails of her grandmother. Kalia’s grandmother is a Hmong refugee. She tells her beautiful tales about her childhood in a far away country, spent working hard to gather food from forest and a few unfortunate encounters with a tiger.

Kalia cares for her grandmother. She brings her ice cubes in hot summer, gives her hard peppermint candies and the meaty bone in her soup. Kalia is tired of their poverty, she wants to eat ice cream not ice cubes, meat and not bones and braces for her teeth. When her parents deny, Kalia’s grandmother asks her a question that makes Kalia realize how fortunate she is to have her grandmother.

This book made me feel nostalgic about the days I spent with my grandmothers, the stories they told, the delicious food they cooked and their warmth and smell when I slept beside them.

A beautifully illustrated tale about the relationship between grandmothers’ and granddaughters’.

Category: children’s picture book

Age range: 5-9 years

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