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Getting closer to cover reveal

The cover reveal of my first middle grade novel, Lost Between Worlds is coming soon! This week, @abhilashakhatri0603, @talegari.tales and I went back and forth regarding the title font choice. For the first time, I understood how important is the title font and how to make the cover more appealing with a few tweaks. The tweaks seemed minor but they made a huge difference. We are almost done with beautifying the cover. I am excited that I will be sharing the cover soon. Have a nice week ahead!

My debut novel coming in 2021

I am excited to announce that my debut middle grade novel, Lost Between Worlds, will be published by Talegari Tales (@talegari.tales). Thanks to Manasa Gururaj, the founder of Talegari Tales for this opportunity. Early this month, I sent out the manuscript to the publisher and I am waiting for the comments. The book will be released in 2021. For my book, I met an incredible illustrator, Abhilasha Khatri, @abhilashakhatri0603, who drew the illustrations for the book. The illustrations in the book are great and I hope to share a few in a couple of posts. Last but not the least, I want to thank my family for their support. My parents, Dr. Shivarani and Dr. Sukumar for their encouragement to pursue writing provided I have a professional career. I also want to thank my mom, Shivarani (@rani_shiv) and husband Pradeep (@goudapradeep) for reviewing this book multiple times and providing critical feedback. I also want to thank my family and friends reviewers, especially my youngest and eldest nieces, Shreshta and Niyati. The other reviewers are my …

Do you prefer a book or an e-reader?

I was a book reader since childhood. That changed after Kindle came to the market in 2007. ⁣ I purchased my first Kindle in 2008 and since then I read almost 100% of my books on Kindle. In 2008, the concept of getting a book wirelessly delivered, rather than visiting a bookstore thrilled me. As soon as a desire to read a book arises, it is fulfilled within moments, when we use a Kindle. Also, no matter the book size, Kindle always weighs the same, is portable and takes up less space while traveling. ⁣ I visit bookstores from time to time to add new books to my TBR list and purchase them on Kindle later. I prefer e-books to physical books unless they are kids’ books. The magic of flipping through colorful pages of children’s book is a unique experience which e-readers cannot provide. ⁣Do you prefer a book or an e-reader?