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Hair story

I believe that every woman has a story about her hair. My hair story started when I knew I had hair. As a kid, I protested my hair being cut. The barber used to come to our home and I used to hit the bed and pretend to sleep. In the background, I could hear him saying he will leave because I was sleeping and my mom saying she is just pretending, I will get her. My mom usually won. When I was close to 10 years, I made my own make-believe hair by strapping towels to my head and sashaying the hair. Finally I won, and I got to grow my hair. Until late teens, I had hair that came to my waist. Every Sunday my mom used to apply oil to my hair and it was tug-of-war, given my hair was curly. I used to scream, ‘Don’t pull my hair’, and my mom used to show how it really felt to pull my hair. Sometime between Intermediate and early bachelor years, I started …

Lost Between Worlds Cover Reveal

I am excited to reveal the cover of my debut middle grade novel, “Lost Between Worlds” that will be published by I’d like to thank @abhilashakhatri0603 for the wonderful illustrations. Varun is a ten-year-old boy, who wakes up in The Jungle Book (by Rudyard Kipling). Varun has lost his memory, but he knows that he has to find four ‘clues’ in The Jungle Book to go home. Varun’s companions are his faithful beagle, Spot, the pod that travels into the ‘book’ worlds, and the virtual assistant of the pod, Avani. Will he be able to locate the ‘clues’ and find his way back home? Or is the jungle too dangerous for Varun and Spot? “Lost Between Worlds” will be released in Spring 2021. Kindly help us spread the word.

Do you prefer a book or an e-reader?

I was a book reader since childhood. That changed after Kindle came to the market in 2007. ⁣ I purchased my first Kindle in 2008 and since then I read almost 100% of my books on Kindle. In 2008, the concept of getting a book wirelessly delivered, rather than visiting a bookstore thrilled me. As soon as a desire to read a book arises, it is fulfilled within moments, when we use a Kindle. Also, no matter the book size, Kindle always weighs the same, is portable and takes up less space while traveling. ⁣ I visit bookstores from time to time to add new books to my TBR list and purchase them on Kindle later. I prefer e-books to physical books unless they are kids’ books. The magic of flipping through colorful pages of children’s book is a unique experience which e-readers cannot provide. ⁣Do you prefer a book or an e-reader?