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Ouch! That hurts!

My Choices are Like My Fingerprints

The major themes in this movie are appearance and sexuality. Be it a man or a woman, sexuality that goes beyond the norms of the society has to be punished. You cannot say, ‘I am a woman, I choose to have extra-marital relationships and that is my choice.’

Women have a lot more dimensions than how they dress, whom they love and when they come home. What about their professional and educational choices? What about the number of roles they play, as a daughter, mother, wife, sister and friend?

Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma & World Cup 2015

Why blame Anushka Sharma for the poor performance of Virat Kohli in the India-Australia Cricket World Cup semi-final match?

Will you blame Virat Kohli if Anushka’s movies don’t do well at the Box Office? Seems silly, doesn’t it? We need a scapegoat to soothe our feelings, and massage our ego. Unfortunately that scapegoat is Anushka Sharma. Grow up people!