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The Most Beautiful Thing

What do you like best about your grandmother(s)? I love my maternal grandmother’s wrinkled skin and her gap-toothed smile. I love my paternal grandmother’s, dark, long hair, her hugs and kisses. The Most Beautiful Thing by Kao Kalia Yang and illustrated by Khoa Lee is a lovely tale of relationship between a grandmother and her grand daughter. Young Kalia has two siblings and her family is poor. Her grandmother lives with their family. Kalia takes care of trimming nails of her grandmother. Kalia’s grandmother is a Hmong refugee. She tells her beautiful tales about her childhood in a far away country, spent working hard to gather food from forest and a few unfortunate encounters with a tiger. Kalia cares for her grandmother. She brings her ice cubes in hot summer, gives her hard peppermint candies and the meaty bone in her soup. Kalia is tired of their poverty, she wants to eat ice cream not ice cubes, meat and not bones and braces for her teeth. When her parents deny, Kalia’s grandmother asks her a …

Election Day tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the Election Day! Do you know how long women fought for the right to vote? The Voice that Won the Vote by Elisa Boxer (@boxerelisa) gave me an answer to this question. It took about 75 years for women to gain the right to vote. American women could vote since 1920. Since women got married and had kids early in those days, it would be right to say three generations of women fought for women’s suffrage. The next question is what made society grant women the right to vote ? Why only 75 years why didn’t the struggle get extended to 175 years? We have to thank Febb Burn for that. Febb Burn was the mother of Harry Burn, a Republican member of Tennessee. It was his vote on the 19th Amendment that tipped the scales and passed it so that women could vote. Harry’s mother Febb Burn wrote him a letter urging him to “Vote for suffrage and don’t forget to be a good boy.” He was a good boy indeed. Even …

Happy Dussehra!

Happy Dussehra! Dussehra is one of the major Hindu festivals that celebrates the triumph of good over evil. The book, Mimi and Soni discover Dussehra legends by Devika Joglekar (@miheikapublications) tells the Hindu mythological stories that are related to Dussehra. I learned one new Dussehra story by reading this book. This book is from my personal library. Hope your bellies are full and your home is filled with laughter of near and dear. Category: children’s picture book Age: 5+