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What is the traditional dress of your country?

What is the traditional dress of your country? In this pic, I am wearing a saree and colorful bangles on my hands. Saree and Punjabi suits can be considered as the traditional dresses of India. But, these days women wear sarees only for traditional occasions. Jeans and tops have replaced traditional wear. Compared to jeans and tops, sarees are a lot more colorful and eye-catching.  

Where are all the flowers this Spring?

Calling out all the flowers this Spring! Where are you guys? Spring is my favorite time of the year. Every year, millions of flowers bloom in Spring and adorn our sidewalks, parks and communities. I lived in Boston for a few years and there were always flowers around me. Every day, I used to take a picture of a flower and post it on Instagram. My favorite flowers are the azaleas, rhododendrons and tulips. These flowers were ubiquitous in Boston, bursting forth in beautiful colors at nondescript places. Now, I moved to a different city and I am yet to discover the places where flowers bloom in abundance. ⁣ Where are all the flowers this Spring? We had a few warm days followed by snow on the ground. The weather is sending conflicting messages to the flowers. I hope we see beautiful flowers around us soon before we move into a full blown Summer. What is your favorite flower? Has it bloomed this year yet?

To Bloom or Not To Bloom

In the age of climate change and global warming, ‘to bloom or not to bloom’, is an important question every flower should ask itself before blooming. This the story is about a tulip who ponders whether to bloom or not. The Baby Bud had a terrible experience when he bloomed for the first time. His parents are worried that he might not bloom at all this Spring and miss the wonder of Spring. Will the Baby Bud bloom or not? Read more at