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Christmas decorations

I visited Rochester Hills downtown yesterday. The storefronts had beautiful display of Christmas decorations. I loved the Christmas tree dress in the second picture decked with bright red lights. This time of the year is a good season for window shopping, so remember to head down to Rochester Hills downtown.

Big Bright Lights

It is time for the Big Bright Lights in Rochester Hills downtown. A million lights adorn the storefronts in downtown Rochester Hills. Walking through the street and looking at all the Christmas decorations feels like a dream. The decorations are sure to cheer you up in the cold winter. Make sure you visit if you are around Rochester Hills, MI.

Who is Santa Claus?

Did you believe in Santa Claus while growing up? Do you know the origin of Santa Claus? Today many know Santa Claus as a jolly old elf who brings gifts to children on Christmas Eve. Modern day Santa Claus has his roots in the 3rd and 4th century Roman Empire. Saint Nicholas was a bishop in Myra, a small town in modern Turkey. Saint Nicholas defended the church doctrine during the ‘great persecution’ by Roman Empire when Christianity was attacked. He was also known as the patron of children. In one story, he saved 3 girls from prostitution by giving money to their father so that he could marry them off. In another story he resurrected 3 boys who were murdered by an inn keeper. By 13th century Nicholas came to be known as magical bringer of gifts. Immigrants from Netherlands bought the concept of Saint Nicholas to the new colonies. The Santa Claus that we know today first appeared in 1823 in the poem, ‘The Night Before Christmas’. To this day the picture of …

Special foods ‘tis season

What kind of special foods do you have ‘tis season? Cocoa, egg nog or something else? I usually have cocoa at least once in Winter. A few years ago my Aunt introduced me to Mexican hot chocolate. It comes as hard cocoa disks. One of the winters, I religiously made cocoa. The process of breaking the hard cocoa into shreds, mixing with milk, boiling it and pouring the frothy cocoa into a cup was a ritual by itself. I used to have it on Sunday evenings. It was my glass of wine before the week started. Maybe I should start the cocoa tradition this winter. I also miss having the plum cake during Christmas. We have an abundance of plum cakes in India but no stores sell it here. The only way is for me to make it. Maybe I will 😉

Christmas shows

Do you want any Christmas themed movies this season? Do you have any shows that you recommend? I make it a point to watch some Christmas movies. I finally watched it’s a wonderful life movie. The upbeat character of the hero appealed to me. I also watch one or two Disney short movies, a tradition I have been following since early teens. Happy binge watching ‘tis season 😊

Bronner’s Christmas Store – Last Part

This is my last post about Bronner’s Christmas store. Who doesn’t love this old guy who gives gifts? A Christmas store is not a Christmas store without Santa Claus. The store had many collectibles and ornaments featuring Santa Claus. I loved the meditating Santa Claus. Of course Santa needs the zen so that he can drop the right gifts in right places. The pirate Santa gets an opportunity to be bad after being good for most of the year.