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Travel expands the horizons of our mind! The world is so vast and we are a small part of it!
I am on a quest to discover the world, to discover the beauty and the eccentricity of the planet we call ‘home’.

Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

In 1882, Harvard University gave the Arboretum to City of Boston and since that time leased it back for $1/year (the rent in some places in Boston is real cheap!). In case, you are wondering what will happen in the year 2882, after the lease ends, don’t worry. Harvard University has an option of renewing the lease. May be the City of Boston will hike the rent to $2 in the year 2882.

Cape Cod & Microblogs

Life has been pretty busy these days. To keep this blog going, I decided to do microblog, a picture or a video and  a few sentences in a post. Here is the first microblog about the Cape Cod trip. I went to Cape Cod along with my husband last weekend. The weather was perfect. It was sunny and was in the mid 70s. We stayed at Beach Haven bed & breakfast, which was booked through airbnb. The hostess was kind enough to inform us about which places to see in Cape Cod. She also gave me a sweatshirt to keep me warm on the ferry ride to Martha’s Vineyard. Micropost about the ferry ride to Martha’s Vineyard coming up next. Quote for this post: If you want breakfast in bed sleep in the kitchen – Found on internet