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Lalbagh – Where every tree has a story

We participated in the Green Heritage Walk at Lalbagh, organized by Bangalore Walks. Our guide Vijay Thiruday was an elderly gentleman, who studied at Oxford. He walked by tapping his mahogany walking stick, to keep the snakes at bay. He introduced us to the trees at Lalbagh and shared the deepest, darkest secrets of the trees.

Virtuous Animals

Do you know about the lion and rabbit story in Panchatantra? There was once a greedy lion that used to kill and terrorize animals just for the pleasure of it. All the animals in the forest went to the lion and made a pact with the lion. They asked the lion to stop the unnecessary killing and they would send an animal every day to the lion as his meal. The lion liked this agreement.

One day it was the turn of an intelligent rabbit to become the lunch of the lion. It went to the lion very late. By that time, the lion was very angry and it decided to kill all the animals in the forest to teach them a lesson.