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The Day Saida Arrived

Did you have a friend who did not speak your language? I was not lucky enough to have a friend like that. The Day Saida Arrived is a beautiful book about friendship, acceptance and immigration. The book is written by Susana Gomez Redondo and illustrated by Sonja Winner. The book tells the tale of friendship between a girl who speaks only English and a Moroccan girl who can speak only Arabic. The girl teaches Saida English and in return she learns Arabic. It is also a story about how friendship has the power to heal and bring joy. Saida has a tough time living in a new country which has different language and customs but her friend helps her accept the new place. I loved the below quote from the book: And we knew that in all languages, there are words as warm as breath and others as cold as metal. Words that bring together, and words that separate. Words that cause hurt; words that awaken laughter. Words that tickle when they are spoken, and …

The old man and the penguin

Coming up on October 6 is The Old Man and the Penguin picture book. It is a story of friendship between an old man and a Penguin. This book is based on a real story. Joao lives close to Proveta Beach in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He is a retired brick-later. On one of his walks he finds an oil-soaked penguin close to death. He brings the penguin home and cares for it until it is fit to return to sea. Joao knows that the penguin’s home is sea. With a heavy heart, he leaves the penguin at sea. The penguin returns to Joao’s home. The penguin misses the sea too. The penguin comes up with a plan so that it is both with him and the wild. This simple story teaches kids about the value of friendship and caring for other animals. It also brings to light how oil spills threaten the sea wildlife. Thank you to @netgalley and @kidscanpress for the ARC. Category: children’s picturebookAge recommendation: 4-8 years

The Little Engine That Could

The Little Engine That Could is an American classic children’s picturebook. The book was first published in 1930 and is written by Watty Piper. The book I read is illustrated by Loren Long. This story teaches optimism and hard work. An engine is carrying food and toys for the children in the other side of the mountain. The engine breaks down and the toys get worried that they cannot reach the children. They try to hike a ride from two shiny new engines and an old engine but they deny the request. Finally a little blue engine comes by. He wants to help but he doubts if he powerful enough to haul the cargo. Will the blue engine be successful in carrying the toys and food to the children on the other side of the mountain? The illustrations are fantastic. The mantra of the blue engine is ‘I think I can’ and it is a useful mantra to teach to young kids when faced with obstacles. Category: children’s picturebook Age recommendation: 0-5

The Little Mermaid

Happy book birthday to The Little Mermaid. The Little Mermaid fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson is a well-known tale and doesn’t need an introduction. In this story, a mermaid falls in love with a prince and sacrifices her voice to become a human. Will the prince love her too? In this picture book, the illustrator Bernadette Watts brings this story to life with dream-like illustrations. I was also surprised to see that the original story is a bit different from what we know. The description of the underwater world and the mermaids by Hans Christian Anderson is magnificent. I would like have all the fairy tales illustrated as separate books and this book is a great start. A must-read book, but the rich language makes it suitable for kids age 8 and above. Thanks to @netgalley and @northsouthbooks for the ARC. Kids age: 8 and above

May saves the Day

Happy Book Publication Month to May saves the Day, written by Laura Gehl and illustrated by Serena Lombardo. May is the founder of Wordsaver Inc. Her phone doesn’t stop ringing. May uses the power of words to turn harmful situations into harmless situations. When she receives a call that bees are attacking a group of children. She inserts ‘T’ into bees so it becomes beets and all children have a beet, except Stu. Stu is in a wheel chair and he asks to be May’s sidekick. Initially May does not agree but later accepts his help when she faces tricky situations. This picturebook is great for increasing children’s interest in words and to teach them how words take on a completely new meaning by insertion and deletion of a few letters. I loved the wordplay of May and Stu. This can also be an activity book where kids can brainstorm how to change a dangerous word into a non-threatening one and compare with what May did. I also like that this book teaches about entrepreneurship …

Summer Feet

Happy Book Publication Month to Summer Feet written by Sheree Fitch and illustrated by Carolyn Fisher. Today’s the day we kick off shoes hide away socks Today’s the day Our summer feet shout LET US OUT. The main characters in this book are the feet of the children. In Summer, the feet come out of the shoes and socks and explore nature in their bare-naked form. The bare-naked feet walk over hard rocks, tumble down hills, climb trees, play hide-and-seek and many other activities. Summer Feet is a perfect picture book to read with children this Summer. It also provides for activities to do in Summer. Hurry up and grab this book because Autumn is coming and the feet have to be imprisoned in boots and socks soon. Thank you to @netgalley and @nimbuspub for the ARC.

The Book of Selkie

Happy Book Publication Year to The Book of Selkie by Briana Corr Scott. The Book of Selkie is a children’s picturebook which introduces a selkie to children. Selfies are faerie people who live part their lives as a seal. The selkies are seals that can shed their coat and land and transforms into humans. They live part of their life on land. In simple text, this book explains the yearning of a selkie to be on land and also return to the sea. This book talks about a typical ‘selkie’ day. With soothing illustrations, this book is appropriate to teach young children about Scottish and Irish legends of selkie. Thank you to @netgalley and @nimbuspub for the ARC.

Hope and Freckles

Happy Book Publication Year to Hope and Freckles Fleeing to a Better Forest by Bill Kiley and illustrated by Mary Manning. Hope and Freckles are a baby and a mother deer who live in the Olden Forest. The Olden Forest was becoming dangerous for Hope and Freckles. The summers were hotter, there was less food and water and the persistent threat for life from other carnivores and hunters. Hope, Freckles and other deer walk to the Big Pine Forest to take refuge but the guards don’t let them in because the Forest had enough white-tailed deer. When they plead to let them in, they separate Hope and Freckles. Freckles is taken to another family and Hope lives in a fenced area waiting for her child. Will Hope see Freckles again? This book explains with animal characters and eye-catching images, the immigration scenario in United States and other countries. It is a good book to teach children why people take refuge, why they are denied entry to a new country and also their suffering when children …

Catching Fireflies

Happy publication day to Catching Fireflies by Celina and Leo Lagnado. In this book, a monster wants to enjoy nature by trapping elements of nature, but it does not work as it expects. The monster learns an important lesson regarding nature. Catching Fireflies would be a good book for toddlers. It has simple pictures and short sentences. Thank you to @netgalley for the ARC.

Home in the Woods

Home in the Woods by Eliza Wheeler is one of the best books I read this year. The watercolor illustrations were intricate and soothing. There are different kinds of love. The first ‘love’ we are introduced to is ‘family’ love.⁠ This book is inspired by Eliza Wheeler’s grandmother, Marvel’s childhood. Six-year-old Marvel has recently lost her dad. The family finds a new house in the woods. At first, the small tar-paper shack does not find so appealing. Marvel has seven other siblings, both older and younger than her. Marvel along with her mom and siblings work hard to make the shack as their home. In addition, the woods give them many natural gifts that help them in making their ends meet. ⁠ This beautiful book teaches about sorrow, the power of time in healing everything, the strength, and the love in the family that helps us survive tough situations. No matter how hard life is, simple pleasures are always around the corner. Make sure you keep an eye out for them.