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Christmas decorations

I visited Rochester Hills downtown yesterday. The storefronts had beautiful display of Christmas decorations. I loved the Christmas tree dress in the second picture decked with bright red lights. This time of the year is a good season for window shopping, so remember to head down to Rochester Hills downtown.

Bronner’s Christmas Store – Part 3

This my third post about Bronner’s Christmas store. There was an aisle full of Disney collectibles and it was love at first sight for me. I could not take many pics but here are a few. Also there is a pic of adorable Charlie Brown and his friends singing Christmas carols. Is there a soul who doesn’t love good old gullible Charlie Brown and his naughty friends?

Joy for Sale!

It is that time of the year again! All the stores sell you joy! Joy can be brought with a cup of coffee, a warm sweater, a new tablet, phone and many other things. For me, time spent with family and the festive spirit of Christmas brings joy.