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Bronner’s Christmas Store – Part 3

This my third post about Bronner’s Christmas store. There was an aisle full of Disney collectibles and it was love at first sight for me. I could not take many pics but here are a few. Also there is a pic of adorable Charlie Brown and his friends singing Christmas carols. Is there a soul who doesn’t love good old gullible Charlie Brown and his naughty friends?

Bronner’s Christmas Store

Did you visit Bronner’s Christmas store? This weekend, I had the opportunity to visit Bronner’s Christmas store. It is located in Frankenmuth, MI. The store was founded in 1945 and is open 361 days a year. They market themselves as the world’s largest Christmas store. They had Christmas ornaments in many aisles with different themes, dogs, cardinals, peacocks, profession, baby’s first Christmas and what not. The store was also very crowded since it is Christmas season. This is a store that must be visited at least once in a lifetime. More posts about Bronner’s coming up in the next few days.