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December 2019 Reads – Part 2

In December, I read a lot of Christmas themed picturebooks. These were books about Christmas trees, Reindeer, Santa Claus and one nativity book. I also read one of the books from Mary Pope Osborne’s Magic Treehouse series for the first time. Now, I am reading the whole series from beginning. The concept is that a brother and sister, Jack and Annie discover a magic treehouse in the woods. You can travel through time, in real and fantasy worlds by pointing at a picture in a book and wishing you were there. The Magic Treehouse series follows the adventures of Jack and Annie. Looking forward to reading exciting children’s books in 2020.

Special foods ‘tis season

What kind of special foods do you have ‘tis season? Cocoa, egg nog or something else? I usually have cocoa at least once in Winter. A few years ago my Aunt introduced me to Mexican hot chocolate. It comes as hard cocoa disks. One of the winters, I religiously made cocoa. The process of breaking the hard cocoa into shreds, mixing with milk, boiling it and pouring the frothy cocoa into a cup was a ritual by itself. I used to have it on Sunday evenings. It was my glass of wine before the week started. Maybe I should start the cocoa tradition this winter. I also miss having the plum cake during Christmas. We have an abundance of plum cakes in India but no stores sell it here. The only way is for me to make it. Maybe I will 😉

Santa Bruce

I love Bruce picture book series by Ryan Higgins. Bruce is a grumpy Bear. He is also a mama to four geese (Mama Bruce book has more details). Bruce wants to spend the winter in hibernation. He does not want to indulge in the Christmas cheer, but his kids and friends want to celebrate Christmas and force him to participate. Grumpy Bruce goes outside to shovel snow and gets mistaken for Santa. What happens next is hilarious. He has to do all the ‘Santa’ things despite his reluctance. I read this book multiple times since I got it from library. The kids will surely giggle while reading this book.

The Last Stop on the Reindeer Express

The Last Stop on the Reindeer Express was the most creative Christmas book I read this year. The ethnic and colorful illustrations give a unique feel to this book. Mia is disappointed because she cannot meet her grandfather for Christmas. She discovers a mailbox at the Christmas market and goes inside. She makes a new friend and is whisked away on a magical journey. A lovely book that teaches importance of family.

The Little Reindeer

What is the best Christmas book that you read this year? The Little Reindeer is one of the best children’s Christmas picture books I read this year. What I loved about this book were the illustrations, which were dominated by black, white, red and other soft colors. This book stands apart from all the other Christmas picturebooks. Unlike other books which had big, bold colors, this book creates its own identity with the mellow colors. Ollie was just about to sleep on Christmas Eve, when she hears a jingling sound. The sound catches Ollie’s curiosity and she goes outside to investigate it. She makes a new magical friend but her friend has an important errand to do that night. Ollie has an adventure with her friend and gets back to bed. This book will be a Christmas classic so remember to read it.

The Broken Ornament

What is your Christmas ornaments buying strategy? Do you buy a few every year? Do any Christmas ornaments get passed down to you from your mom or grandma? The Broken Ornament is a sweet story about Christmas traditions. Jack wants the best Christmas ever. He wants a huge Christmas tree and big, bold decorations in front of the home so that Santa doesn’t miss. But, he makes one mistake of breaking mom’s cherished ornament and makes her sad. Tinsel comes out of the broken ornament and makes Jack wish of grand Christmas come true but she cannot make everything right. What does Jack do to bring a smile on his mom’s face? The illustrations were colorful with a lot to take in. This book is a must read this season.

3 Facts About Christmas

This Christmas season, a few questions popped up in my mind. I observed wreathes on the doors, Christmas trees in all the squares and people wearing Santa Claus’s hats. I wanted to know the stories behind the wreaths, Christmas trees and Santa Claus.