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The Reindeer Girl

Happy book publication month to The Reindeer Girl by Holly Webb (@hollywebbauthor) Lotta goes to Norway with her family to celebrate her great-grandmother, Erika’s birthday. Lotta grew up listening to stories about reindeer herding from her mother and great-grandmother. Lotta loves reindeers and wishes she had a reindeer to take care of. Lotta’s wish comes true, she travels back in time to when her great grandmother is a kid and Lotta is her cousin. Lotta and Erika embark on a dangerous journey to save the Reindeer mother and calf, who were in their care. This book is a great read for middle graders who like diverse literature and want to learn about Norway culture and customs and Reindeers. Thanks to @netgalley and @pubspotlight for the ARC.

The Magic of the Lost Temple

Books have a character. A few books are like patient best friends. They don’t hurry you to complete them, they have an air of confidence that say ‘come to me whenever you feel like and we will spend some good time together.’ Sudha Murthy’s latest middlegrade novel, The Magic of the Lost Temple, is a book that fits the character of a ‘patient best friend ’. In this book, Nooni, starts her summer vacation. Their family’s usual vacation plans change because her mother has to go for a work-related training. Nooni is shipped off to her grandfather’s village (dad’s dad) for six weeks. Nooni makes new friends in the village, learns how to help at home, learns about plants in her grandma’s garden and also listens to the tales about village history from her grandmother. Her grandmother tells her about a magnificent stepwell that remains buried. Is that stepwell a myth or a reality? What I loved about the book is the ‘village lifestyle’, where everything is unhurried, people help out one another and have …