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The Dog Who Lost His Bark

I have a few ARC’s from Netgalley that are pending review. ARC’s are Advanced Reviewer Copies that are provided to readers a few months before the books are released. The reviewers should send a feedback and also promote the books on their Instagram page or blog posts. I have about 10 ARCs and I decided better late than never. First up is a middlegrade book, ‘The Dog who Lost his Bark.’ It is a sweet and sad story about a boy and a dog. The Dog is the main character in this novel. When the Dog was a pup, he was mistreated and thrown in a dump. The Dog has trust issues with humans and loses his bark and only whines. A dog that loses his bark is not a happy dog. The Dog has a new owner, a young boy named Patrick. Patrick is visiting his grandfather and his mother finally approves his request to get a dog. The Dog becomes Patrick’s pet. The rest of the story is about how Patrick teaches Dog …

Two Little Girls

Two Little Girls is a psychological thriller by Frances Vick. It is a story about two girls, Lisa, and Kirsty who are best friends. Unfortunately, Lisa dies and Kirsty gives evidence which helps catch the killer. Did that person kill Lisa or was he wrongly accused because of Lisa? Where is Lisa’s body and how did she die? These were the questions that haunted Lisa and she sets on a perilous journey to answer these questions when she becomes an adult. The mystery held until the end. Even when I was almost in the last few pages of the novel, I was suspicious about the motives of the characters and concerned about Lisa’s safety. The author did an excellent job sowing seeds of doubt in the readers’ mind at all the crucial points of the story. A few sections in the book could have been shortened, for example, the relationship between Lisa and her sister. Two Little Girls is a stellar read for psychological thriller bookworms. Thank you to @netgalley and @bookouture for the ARC. …

We are the Gardeners

We are the Gardeners is a perfect children’s book for Spring. It is written by Joanna Gaines and illustrated by Juliana Swaney. This book is about four siblings who learn to become gardeners. They start with taking care of a fern and graduate to planning and developing a full-scale garden. They face obstacles and learn valuable lessons along the way. We are the Gardeners is a perfect book for kids who are just learning to read and in whom you want to spark a curiosity for gardening. The pictures in the book are beautiful, with mild colors and a lot of detail. I give this book a 5 out of 5 rating. We are the Gardeners is a must read for this Spring. Thank you to Netgalley and Owlkids Books for the ARC.