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Do you prefer a book or an e-reader?

I was a book reader since childhood. That changed after Kindle came to the market in 2007. ⁣ I purchased my first Kindle in 2008 and since then I read almost 100% of my books on Kindle. In 2008, the concept of getting a book wirelessly delivered, rather than visiting a bookstore thrilled me. As soon as a desire to read a book arises, it is fulfilled within moments, when we use a Kindle. Also, no matter the book size, Kindle always weighs the same, is portable and takes up less space while traveling. ⁣ I visit bookstores from time to time to add new books to my TBR list and purchase them on Kindle later. I prefer e-books to physical books unless they are kids’ books. The magic of flipping through colorful pages of children’s book is a unique experience which e-readers cannot provide. ⁣Do you prefer a book or an e-reader?

Where are all the flowers this Spring?

Calling out all the flowers this Spring! Where are you guys? Spring is my favorite time of the year. Every year, millions of flowers bloom in Spring and adorn our sidewalks, parks and communities. I lived in Boston for a few years and there were always flowers around me. Every day, I used to take a picture of a flower and post it on Instagram. My favorite flowers are the azaleas, rhododendrons and tulips. These flowers were ubiquitous in Boston, bursting forth in beautiful colors at nondescript places. Now, I moved to a different city and I am yet to discover the places where flowers bloom in abundance. ⁣ Where are all the flowers this Spring? We had a few warm days followed by snow on the ground. The weather is sending conflicting messages to the flowers. I hope we see beautiful flowers around us soon before we move into a full blown Summer. What is your favorite flower? Has it bloomed this year yet?

Bad Blood

I have been itching to read a good adult non-fiction book for many days now. Bad Blood by John Carreyrr was the perfect book to scratch that itch. Bad Blood is about the rise and fall of a Biotech company called Theranos and its founder Elizabeth Holmes. Theranos was a hot new start-up making medical devices. Just a drop of blood is required to conduct a full range of blood tests in walk-in clinics. The CEO of Theranos, Holmes was touted as the Bill Gates/Steve Jobs of the medical industry. The company was evaluated at $9 billion on paper but its devices did not work. The investors and the Board were misled to believe in a half-working device that could transform the medical industry. The book is fast-paced. Many characters are introduced so after a while it becomes difficult to keep track. What amazed was how the company duped the bigshots such as Walgreens, Safeway, intellectuals and business moguls. The confidence and charisma of Holmes and the secrecy regarding their devices made Theranos darling of …