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How to make Bathukamma (Pyramid of Flowers)?

Bathukamma festival is also known as the festival of flowers. It is celebrated in the Telangana State of India. Bathukamma is a floral arrangement of 9 types of flowers in a pyramidal structure. The preparation of the flowers for Bathukamma takes about 5-7 hours based on the size of the Bathukamma. Arrangement of the Bathukamma takes about two to three hours.

Festival of Flowers – Bathukamma

Bathukamma strikes again! It was celebrated on a grand scale in the new Telangana State. In the struggle for the formation of Telangana State, Bathukamma was celebrated to highlight our distinctiveness from Andhra Pradesh. After formation of Telangana State, the festival was celebrated as a show of victory.

Telangana – The birth of 29th State of India

On June 1st, my Mother was so happy and excited. I have not seen her that happy even for my marriage. She was on the drug of Telangana. For days, my father spoke only about jubilation on the faces of the Telangana people and how everybody will be on the streets to participate in the formation of Telangana.